POLITICO Pro Energy reports that while talking to reporters about crucifixion comments by EPA’s Region 6 administrator, White House spokesman Jay Carney assured that the administration has “a commitment to ensure natural gas is an essential part of our future.”

Hold on. Something missing here … oil!

Sure, natural gas is an essential part of our future. But Carney must’ve had the Roman legions on his mind when he neglected to mention oil as equally important.  We’ll remind him:

  • Actually, by usage, oil is the most essential piece of America’s energy portfolio, supplying about 37 percent of our energy right now, according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA). Natural gas is second at about 25 percent.
  • Oil will be America’s energy of the future, too. EIA says it will supply about 35 percent of our energy in 2035 (natural gas still second at 25 percent).

All energy sources are important now and in the future -- we’ll need a true all-of-the-above strategy. Any discussion of America’s energy policy needs to start with America’s energy reality, and that needs to start with oil.  While we would certainly welcome an actual commitment to natural gas, the Administration also needs to be committed to securing our liquid fuel needs, and we can do it, we are not energy poor, we have the resources and the technology to develop them safely.  This is what energy progress looks like: