A new Fox News poll shows continued support for building the Keystone XL pipeline. The survey of 1,100 registered voters conducted Feb. 6-9 found 67 percent of respondents said the pipeline should be built, while just 25 percent oppose it.

The numbers are comparable to those in a Rasmussen Reports poll last month, which found the Keystone XL enjoyed a 56-27 percent edge. Interestingly, opposition to the project appears stuck in the mid-20s over the two polls.

Another important point: The Fox survey question on the Keystone XL was pretty fair and balanced:

"A proposed oil pipeline known as the Keystone XL would transport oil from Canada to refineries in the U.S. Supporters of the pipeline say it would bring needed oil to the U.S. ... lowering gasoline prices and creating jobs. Opponents of the pipeline have environmental concerns, including risk of a spill, and also say the pipeline would increase American dependence on oil."

The question accurately reflects the current divide over the pipeline -- which actually is quite lopsided in the project's favor. Clearly, a big majority of Americans favor the pipeline's energy and jobs. Additionally, it can't be said respondents didn't have enough information before answering; just 8 percent said they didn't know enough to respond.

Again, 67 percent is a big number on an issue, especially in an election year: If you're looking for votes, who will you stand with -- the 67 percent or the 25 percent?