For the state of North Dakota, the oil and natural gas industry currently means:

  • Nearly 37,000 statewide jobs provided or supported – with an average salary of $71,678 for non-gas station oil and natural gas employees.
  • $1.8 billion contributed to state labor income.
  • $3.8 billion contributed to the state’s economy.

With sensible energy development and sound tax policies, here’s what the oil and natural gas industry could mean to North Dakota:

  • 13,144 additional jobs created by 2015.
  • 15,840 additional jobs created by 2020.
  • An average of $54 million of new, additional revenue generated by the industry to the state every year through 2030. That’s enough to cover more than one-third of North Dakota’s general fund contribution to the University of North Dakota budget every year, without using additional taxpayer dollars.

Energy works in North Dakota, with the men and women of the oil and natural gas industry playing a critical role in that state’s economy. See more, here.