The People of America's Oil and Natural Gas Indusry

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Barack Obama and Energy Policy

Jane Van Ryan from the American Petroleum Institute welcomes Barack Obama and the new administration to Washington DC with messages about energy policy from people on the street.

Oil and Natural Gas Distribution Oil and natural gas must sometimes travel thousands of miles from the refinery to where they are needed. See how these essential fuels are distributed to homes, fueling stations and businesses across the country. Visit to learn more about energy distribution methods.

Oil and Natural Gas Transportation Transporting oil and natural gas to where they are needed is an epic undertaking. Technology has improved the process so industry professionals can track potential problems and movement of the fuel across the thousands of miles it must travel to reach its destination. To learn more about how energy is transported across the country, visit

Refining Crude Oil Crude oil is not ready for consumption right after it is extracted. It takes a complex refining process to transform crude oil into a usable substance for fuels and manufacturing products. Visit to learn more about the refining process.

Production of Oil See how the oil and natural gas industry uses technology to extract oil from harsh environments to provide America with the energy it needs. Visit to learn more.

The Science behind Drilling for Oil and Energy Exploration Learn how the oil and natural gas industry uses the same technology that NASA uses to explore outer space to determine where to drill for oil. See the technology behind locating pockets of oil under thousands of layers of rock and beneath the ocean floor. To see more information about energy technology, visit