The People of America's Oil and Natural Gas Indusry


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America’s oil and natural gas industry considers safety the top priority. The industry is committed to developing the onshore and offshore technologies, standards, best practices and programs needed to help ensure that environmental and workplace safety is at the forefront of producing the energy our nation needs.

In fact, offshore oil and natural gas development has been safely conducted for more than 60 years. Within that time, more than 42,000 wells have been drilled, despite the fact that the industry works in an environment that often involves heavy equipment, hazardous materials, high temperatures and high pressures.

Safety is a core value of the oil and natural gas industry. The industry is committed to a goal of zero fatalities, zero injuries and zero incidents. Every incident or release is incentive to improve technology, training, operational procedures and industry standards and best practices.

Onshore, the industry has a number of programs intended to enhance worker safety and spill prevention. For example, the E&P Onshore Operations Program provides training on critical safety issues found at onshore sites. For more information about industry programs, view this fact sheet.

The industry follows and constantly improves best practices for safe operations, including training, operational procedures, regulations, industry standards and technology. The industry has helped create more than 235 exploration and production standards and also works closely with local, state and federal regulators—including the U.S. Coast Guard and The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement (BOEMRE)— to ensure a strong focus on safety.