Glenn Enslen, Carroll County, Ohio’s economic development director, says the east-central part of the state has been the “forgotten part of Ohio for the last 50 years.” No longer. The development of shale resources have changed that part of the state pretty much overnight. “All of a sudden we’re in the forefront of economic development in the state of Ohio,” Enslen says.

Development of Ohio’s Utica Shale is in its infancy compared to Marcellus Shale activity in next-door Pennsylvania. But the shale regions of Ohio see the signs of an energy-related bonanza in terms of jobs, spin-off jobs and economic growth that lifts all boats. “We’ve seen a huge impact from the oil and gas business,” Enslen says. “We have one local hotel. If you’d like to stay there you can get a reservation in three years.”

Here’s a video on boom conditions that are starting to be felt in a long-overlooked, but primed-for-growth area: