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Harvey Update: American Spirit is Alive in Lone Star State

Mary Leshper

Mary Schaper
Posted September 5, 2017

The thoughts of the nation have been with Texas over the last week as the state grapples with the devastating impacts of Hurricane Harvey. Aiding those in the path of the storm and subsequent flooding remains the top priority, and the efforts of Texans and volunteers from around the country show America at its best. As columnist Peggy Noonan wrote over the weekend, the American spirit is alive in the Lone Star State:

If you gave just a few minutes to the news, you saw it all—the generosity and courage, the sense of community, of people who really care about each other. You saw the pontoons and air mattresses and bass boats and rowboats and pool floats in which people were rescued. No one knows how many were saved or how many saved them. Every disaster at some point becomes a jumble, and people stopped counting. But surely tens of thousands were saved.

Celebrities, businesses and even the “Cajun Navy” have given graciously to aid those in need. And natural gas and oil companies have joined in as well. From boots on the ground clearing debris, to donation drives collecting much-needed supplies, to contributions to the Red Cross, here are some of the highlights of the companies in action:


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