The People of America's Oil and Natural Gas Indusry

Freedom, U.S. Energy and Powering Past Impossible

Tracee Bentley

Tracee Bentley
Posted July 3, 2018

Happy Birthday, America!

Celebrating Independence Day will take many forms – cookouts, fireworks, community parades, family gatherings and more

Our nation is built on values that have enabled the natural gas and oil industry to accomplish amazing things, something for which we at the Colorado Petroleum Council are incredibly grateful.

Energy supplied by the natural gas and oil industry powers our economy as well as countries around the world, helping to lift people out of poverty and increase prosperity. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the United States is the world’s largest oil and gas producer – and has been for the past sixyears.


This is something we’ve accomplished in large part because of the liberty and opportunity available here in America.

Americans are one of the most energy secure people in the world.

On an individual level, energy security means having access to energy at affordable prices, a key factor in increasing wealth and prosperity in our communities. Lack of affordable, accessible energy is a global barrier to development and keeps people impoverished in ways that those in developed nations like America often take for granted. Everything from computers to refrigerators to air conditioners to stovetops is dependent on energy.


It may not seem like it in this era of the 24-7 news cycle and increasing political polarization, but things are still looking up.

In fact, we recently released our latest report about how the industry here in Colorado actively contributes to Colorado’s quality of life, education, health, and economy. Competitive forces, industry innovation, and the liberty afforded us by living in the United States has led to cleaner, more affordable natural gas production and brought carbon emissions from power generation down to their lowest levels in 25 years. All this accomplished while our state has quadrupled production of oil in the past 10 years.  

Energy is truly powering us past the impossible.

Freedom, and the opportunity and prosperity that come as a result, has taken root in America. It’s embedded in our communities, our businesses, and our ability to produce energy. We are thankful to live in a nation that empowers us to do incredible things. As we spend time with our friends and family this Fourth of July, we also should give thanks that we live in a nation powered by innovation.


Tracee Bentley was named executive director of the Colorado Petroleum Council in 2015. Before coming to API, Bentley served in the office of Gov. John Hickenlooper as legislative director and as a senior advisor on energy and agricultural issues. Prior to that, Bentley served in the Colorado Energy Office as deputy director of policy and legislative affairs. She also served as director of national affairs with the Colorado Farm Bureau. A Colorado native, Bentley earned her Bachelor of Arts and her Master of Arts from Colorado State University in Fort Collins.