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Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted April 20, 2017

Natural gas is a winner – for U.S. consumers, the economy and the environment. Quick, somebody tell officials in New York state – where they continue to ban hydraulic fracturing, the key to unlocking vast natural gas reserves located right under New Yorkers’ feet, to the benefit of New York consumers, New York job-seekers and New York’s environment.

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Mary Leshper

Mary Schaper
Posted June 24, 2013

AP - Boost For Cars or Bust? 

AP reports on the debate surrounding the Renewable Fuel Standard and E15 gasoline after a recent ruling by the Supreme Court. "The ever increasing ethanol mandate has become unsustainable, causing a looming crisis for gasoline consumers," API's Bob Greco said. "We're at the point where refiners are being pressured to put unsafe levels of ethanol in gasoline, which could damage vehicles, harm consumers and wreak havoc on our economy."

Houston ChronicleEnergy Surge Spreads Its Wealth Around City

Houston is arguably the center of American energy. With the surge in domestic energy, the city’s business sector – and revenues – has grown over the last few years. The Chronicle highlights the “vibrant metropolitan area.”

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